Importing fresh products directly from Portugal and delivering them throughout Switzerland !


So that these can be found on your tables and can brighten up your taste buds.

Imports are made from all parts of Portugal and then redistributed in Switzerland to local hoteliers, restaurateurs, grocers and bars. Imported products range from wine to fruit juice, canned goods, fresh fruit and vegetables.

Come to the Cristal Shop and our Portuguese grocery shop, you will certainly find the product you are looking for.

Based in Aigle, the import company Cristal Import Sàrl deals with the purchase and transport of drinks and specific food products from Portugal to Switzerland. Cristal Shop's delivery personnel travel throughout Switzerland for hoteliers, restaurant owners, grocery shops, bars and petrol stations.
Wines from all regions of Portugal are the main speciality of the Cristal Shop. From Estremadura to Minho, from Douro to Alentejo, not forgetting Madeira or the Azores, you are sure to find the rare gem you are looking for.
For food, fruit and vegetables are always fresh and in season. The fish and meat respect the entire cold chain.